By: Jeffrey Dawson

Right of Way Laws
November 4, 2013

Knowing when you are legally required to yield the right of way can avoid an accident. 

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Common Dog Bite Law Questions
September 15, 2013

Common questions and answers in the case of a California dog bite attack.

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Have You Been in a Pedestrian Vs. Bike Accident?
August 20, 2013

Bicycle and pedestrian collisions can be extremely dangerous.

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What To Do After A Hit and Run Accident
July 27, 2013

Steps to take following a hit and run car accident.

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Brain Injury Cases for Children and Babies
June 13, 2013

Children and babies may be more accident-prone to brain injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

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Did You Suffer Broken Bones in a Car Accident?
May 7, 2013

Broken bones are one of the most common injuries from a car crash.

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Common Wrongful Death Lawsuit Questions
April 18, 2013

Frequently asked questions about wrongful death lawsuits.

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How to Determine the Value Of A Car Accident Claim
March 25, 2013

There are many factors in a car accident settlement lawsuit.

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What to Expect From a Pedestrian vs. Car Accident Settlement
February 17, 2013

There are several settlement factors for pedestrian vs car accidents.

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Pedestrian Accident Victims: What You Need to Know
February 15, 2013

What to do immediately after the accident and the steps to take if pursuing legal action.

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