Auto accidents are scary, there is no doubt about that. Just the initial impact, the terrible sound of the metal crunching around you and the realization that you’ve been hit is terrifying. Checking on the kids, accessing any injuries to your family and yourself is just not in your normal wheelhouse. Then, you call 911 and suddenly it’s as if you’re the one who is wrong. The police questioning about what you saw, the circumstances of the accident; was the other driver impaired somehow? Are you?

No matter what type of accident – a truck accident, or a motorcycle or car wreck, suddenly you’re being made to feel like you’re the bad guy. You’re the victim, right? They hit you, and now you’ve got injuries that are serious, and aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, it might be a problem for a long time, and it’s getting expensive. Medical bills are piling up, you can’t work, and physical therapy looks like it’s going to take awhile. Plus, you’re now out a car. The call to the the insurance company was confusing. Who is supposed to do what? It’s all taking time and energy from you, and your family and you’re starting to feel overwhelmed.

Hold everything; you shouldn’t be handling all of this yourself. You need to contact a personal injury lawyer Irvine Ca to assist you in this horrible mess which was no fault of your own. You need an experienced auto accident lawyer Irvine Ca who will help you to determine if you have a potential personal injury claim. It’s the job of the car wreck lawyer Irvine Ca to review all of the records and reports: medical, police, insurance claim. You don’t need to assume that you are on your own in this. Your auto accident attorney Irvine Ca will help to decide what’s in the best interest for you and your family. It’s his or her job to see that you receive what is rightfully yours. Remember that the insurance companies want as quick a settlement as possible, and for the least amount that they can get away with.

After you have received the proper medical care, your next call should be to contact a qualified car accident lawyer to assist you. Make sure that the car wreck lawyer has experience in reaching good settlements with insurance companies and strong negotiating skills. Don’t rush the process along, as you may still have medical bills for problems that you aren’t even aware of yet. It can be a long, slow process, but do not get discouraged, your car wreck lawyer will do what is in your best interests to reach the settlement you should have. Remember, you didn’t ask for the accident, you did nothing wrong, it was the other guy. They are the ones who need to be legally and financially responsible. It just may take some time.