Traumatic brain injuries can result from many different situations. Accidents are the most common cause, such as slipping and falling or being involved in a violent auto accident. In babies and children, injuries can occur in numerous ways. Traumatic brain injuries are serious; sadly, they often end in death. If the victim does survive, their life may never be the same.

Common Causes Of Brain Injuries For Infants

Head injuries can be a common injury for infants. Partly because they are so unsteady in their movements, babies often fall, and falls can lead to a severe injury. Infants need constant supervision and the head area of an infant is so soft and not fully developed. An injury can result anytime there is significant damage to the brain, skull or scalp. The severity can vary, from just a minor bump on the skull to something with more catastrophic results. Generally, an infant’s skull is tough enough to serve as a natural protective headgear, designed to withstand most of the wear and tear of childhood.

Traumatic Brain Injuries For Infants

TBI, or traumatic brain injury, affects millions of people each year. The resulting injuries can lead to permanent disabilities and medical care that can result in very expensive health care costs. A brain injury settlement case can end up in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The CDC reports the most common cause of a TBI is from what is known as a slip and fall (35.2%). Whether in the home or playing sports, children often fall, and these falls can result in serious injuries. The next most common cause of traumatic brain injury is an auto accident. Motor vehicle accidents represent 17.3% of injuries suffered, followed by being struck by or against an object (16.5%).

Most head injury trauma in the home occurs from a fall with an unattended child. If your baby has suffered from brain trauma, a team of professionals will be needed to determine what the proper steps are for your child. After proper medical consultation, you will most likely need to be in the competent hands of a good personal injury attorney. Your baby may need further diagnosing, testing and possibly years of treatment, and very costly.

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