In the immediate aftermath of a serious auto accident, you will not be thinking right away about the value of your automobile accident injury claim. Initially, you will be dealing with emergency treatment for your injuries, and anyone else involved.

Perhaps a hospitalization was necessary. Afterward, you may need to go to a rehabilitation facility for a few weeks, and then you may need months of physical therapy. Eventually, you will need to confront the question of how much your injury claim is worth. There is a complex calculation that will be used to determine what your claim is worth.

Factors In A Car Accident Case Claim

Your attorney will review your entire experience, and evaluate your potential case based on some of the following:

  • You may make a claim for loss of wages due to the time missed from work due to the injuries you suffered
  • You may claim for loss of future earning ability
  • Part of your claim may include an amount for pain and suffering, which may include the loss of enjoyment of life
  • You may file for any out of pocket expenses resulting from the injury. This may include prescription costs, physical therapy, medical and/or dental expenses, transportation expenses to and from doctors and rehab
  • If you have lost the ability to perform domestic duties such as cooking, cleaning, yard work, or childcare, this would be a part of your injury claim
  • If you need ongoing care or medical treatment and special equipment you may be entitled to receive compensation for those expenses as well

There are many factors that will enter into your personal injury settlement lawsuit. After you have received immediate medical care, it will be time to think about what your actual damages have been. Whether you have received serious physical injuries from an accident that was not your fault, either from a car accident, bicycle accident or from a slip trip and fall, you need to consider what your next steps will be.

Finding the right personal injury claim lawyer is paramount in receiving the amount of settlement to which you are entitled. Once you meet with your attorney, you will be guided through the process of evaluating your case.  you will need to see physicians who can make a proper assessment of your current injuries, and what your recovery will be. A team will be established to determine what your losses truly involve, from loss of psychical abilities to actual financial damages.

Personal injury accident attorney Jeffrey Dawson will guide you through the process and will work to get the best settlement claim for you. Schedule your free consultation today.