While every accident is different, among the most common injuries are broken bones and fractures. It is quite unusual to be involved in a motor vehicle accident and not have some type of injury or damages. “Damages” could be anything from your vehicle being totaled to the loss of wages or personal property. Broken bones and fractures are so common because in an auto or other vehicle accident excessive force may have been placed on the body, causing breaks. A severe impact such as crashing into another car as a result of someone running into your car can be catastrophic.

If you have been in an accident, you first need to seek immediate emergency medical treatment. Depending upon the circumstances of the motor vehicle accident, the second thing you need to do is to find an experienced car wreck lawyer Irvine CA to help you. Don’t go it alone and try to deal with the insurance company by yourself.

If you or a loved one have sustained broken bones and fractures in a car accident, you need help. Hire a car wreck lawyer Irvine CA to fight for what you deserve: a settlement which is high enough to cover your medical expenses, any lost wages due to the accident, and loss of personal property such as your vehicle, and any other personal items which were damaged, such as clothing and other items which were in your car.

The process of dealing with car accident personal injury claims can be quite complicated and complex. With the right car wreck lawyer Irvine CA on your side, this difficult and overwhelming time can be eased a bit. You need someone who is fighting in your corner, and cares for the right settlement in your case. The insurance companies just want a quick, low settlement. This may not be in your best interest.

Any injury from a car accident is difficult, but broken bones can be very serious. Surgery may be necessary. Ongoing medical care or physical therapy may be needed as well. Contact The Law of Jeffrey S. Dawson today at 949/861-2191 for a free consultation to discuss your case. Jeffrey Dawson is a uniquely qualified car wreck lawyer Irvine CA. He has worked on the other side, as well – for the insurance firms, and knows how they think. The advantage of hiring Jeffrey is that he can give you the much needed peace of mind necessary in any car accident claim.