While it is commonly known that dogs are man’s best friend, dog bites happen everyday, and some are extremely serious and can be very traumatic. More than 885,000 dog bite injuries occur annually in the United States. Over 30,000 people each year who have suffered trauma caused by dog bite require plastic surgery in some form or another. Estimates indicate that over $100 million annually is the cost attributed to dog bite injuries.

Dogs can and do bite anyone, anywhere, for good reason or no reason at all. Children are at more risk and have a greater chance of being a victim of a canine than does an adult. The group who is at the highest risk of suffering a dog bite injury are boys between the ages of five and nine. Among the most common dog bite injuries to children are neck and head injuries. This is due to the simple fact that these areas are closer to the mouth of the dog. Adults and older children are much more likely to be injured on the arms and legs.

Puncture wounds, deep open cuts, scratches and severe crush injuries are not uncommon. Other areas which can suffer very serious injuries are the tendons, arteries and muscles. Serious infection can set in and be life threatening. Infection from dog bite can be even more dangerous than the initial flesh wounds. Every year we hear of a horrible tragedy where someone is actually mauled to death. It seems that inevitably the dog owner defends the dog as being a sweet loving family pet.

While you may not think that the dog attack was very serious, it is extremely important for victims with trauma caused by dog bite to get the proper medical treatment immediately. As previously stated, infection can be highly dangerous. You may not fully realize the extent of the injuries to surrounding tissue, muscles and tendons.

Wonder if you should consult with a dog bite lawyer? The answer is yes! After medical treatment, this is the first thing you should do. You may experience serious financial loss due to the injuries, not just the cost of medical treatment, but from loss of income as well. Personal property which was destroyed, such as clothing needs to be replaced. The right dog bite lawyer will help you to evaluate your particular situation. Dog bite lawsuits and settlements are the way to get the money you deserve.

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