If you have received a mild concussion as a result of being in an accident or a sporting incident, your life may be changed for quite some time. Mild, moderate and severe brain injuries can linger for days, months, or even years. Sometimes, the effects are permanent.

Even a mild concussion can cause serious bodily harm and effects that can alter your life permanently. With a concussion, it is common to not feel like yourself. Symptoms from a mild concussion can range from practically non-existent to quite severe. When someone’s neglect causes injury you are entitled to compensation.

Concussion From A Car Accident

In a case handled by our office, our client was traveling south on I-5 and was hit from behind by a heavy-duty pickup truck. Lucky to be alive, our client suffered from internal injuries, overall pain and stiffness, extreme exhaustion and a severe concussion. Migraine headaches are now part of his daily life, as are three times a week physical therapy sessions and frequent doctor appointments.

The client contacted our office early on and we were able to assist him in obtaining the very best emergency medical care. We have direct access to the most qualified board-certified medical specialists in diagnosing and treating severe accident and injury cases involving concussion and mild traumatic brain injuries. Only special trained neurologists and neuroradiologists with access to the most advanced state of the art imaging equipment can properly diagnose, evaluate and treat.

As a business owner, the client needed to miss work and was advised to rest at home for a few weeks. Now, instead of meeting with clients, he spends his time with medical specialists, diagnosing and treating his injuries. He was entitled to the right to be compensated for his injuries, pain and suffering and lost wages.

Concussion From A Sports-Related Injury

Brain injuries among NFL players and war veterans the reality of brain injuries is coming to light. Doctors and lawyers alike are re-examining common accidents to uncover the occurrence of brain injury among victims. It appears that there are far more people experiencing moderate brain injury from accidents than previously believed. These victims may experience cognitive deficits and emotional disturbances for the duration of their lives.

You don’t have to suffer through traumatic brain injury alone. With evidence from a doctor, a personal injury attorney can fight for you. Whether it is a mild concussion or more moderate brain injury all costs are paid by the responsible parties.

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