Construction sites are notoriously hazardous, and not just for the workers who are employed, but for the general public as well. Perhaps there was a building under construction with scaffolding along the sidewalk. You were walking along, minding your own business, when part of the scaffolding fell onto the pavement, causing you to be injured with a severe concussion. Other examples of construction site accidents might involve a worker falling onto you, or running into you with a piece of equipment. Negligence may be involved on the part of the property owner, contractors, suppliers, or even the manufacturer of equipment.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an injury on a construction site, you may find that you need to consult with a construction accident attorney Irvine. These types of cases can be complex and may involve various regulatory agencies, like a city or municipality in addition to the property owner. In such cases, you will need an expert in the field, someone who can maneuver their way through the difficult claims process which may involve numerous insurance companies at the same time.

Many situations can arise which may make you consult with a construction accident lawyer Irvine. Falls on construction sites are very common. This is another reason why you need an expert on your side. The right slip and fall lawyer Irvine CA can make all the difference in you getting the right settlement. If you were an employee who was injured while on the job, worker’s compensation insurance will be involved in your claim. However, that may not cover all of your losses and injuries. You may need to file a personal injury lawsuit as well. The experience of your construction accident lawyer Irvine will be invaluable in helping you to assess your injuries, determine what will be necessary in terms of rehabilitation, and make the best plan for you and your claim.

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