While it may not be commonly known, car accident victims all too often incur severe brain injuries. The symptoms might not be immediately apparent; but that doesn’t mean it’s not something to be aware of. A severe concussion can result in actual brain damage. Perhaps your head was actually struck in the accident, or maybe it was just the quick jerking of the head which was caused by a severe impact of the collision. You may have “just a case of whiplash”, something that is not generally considered to be very serious. However, you should always have a complete examination to help determine what your injuries are. A positive concussion evaluation is a large blanket diagnosis that is very broad, and can encompass everything from a very minor headache, to something that leaves permanent brain damage.

Symptoms of a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) may not present initially. In fact, the TBI symptoms may not start to be evident until sometime after the victim has received emergency medical care. Symptoms of a brain injury may include confusion, memory loss, agitation, and frustration. If an Irvine car accident victim begins to experience any of these symptoms after the accident, consult with an Irvine personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Go over the circumstances of your situation with the attorney, and he or she will advise you on the best way for you to move forward. Your Irvine accident lawyer will advise you on how how best to proceed, and whether you have a personal injury lawsuit. Your attorney’s job will be to negotiate on your behalf in terms of reaching a settlement. The settlement may include current and future medical expenses, lost property, and loss of wages due to your inability to work. Your settlement should include any ongoing physical therapy, as well as a monetary amount for pain and suffering.

Your injury attorney will ask you all about the accident, the injuries, and explain the whole process of dealing with the insurance companies. It is important to realize that this may not be a quick case. Most victims want the quickest settlement possible, but that may not be in your best interest. In particular with a TBI, accident victims may need to be given extensive evaluations which require weeks and months of testing and follow up.

Therefore, the settlement process is often long, complex and complicated. Your attorney has a team of investigators and medical providers who will assist in the case with the goal of reaching a fair settlement for you. Generally speaking, a settlement is more likely to be reached before going to an actual trial. Seek legal advice after a serious car accident. Once a victim starts to show signs of brain damage or has received a diagnosis of a brain injury, it is imperative that you have someone fighting for you on your behalf.

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