Did your son or daughter suffer from injuries at school or while attending a school event or activity? If so, you may be considering a lawsuit against the school. Think again, it is not as simple or as straightforward as you might think. These cases can be quite difficult and complex, and will differ if the school is public or private. Depending on the injuries which were incurred, you will most likely need a good personal injury attorney or a slip and fall lawyer Irvine. Hard as it may be to believe, public schools are classified as government institutions. This means that they have special governmental immunity and may be exempt from liability for the damage your child has experienced. What should you do if you find yourself with an injured child and what you consider to be negligence on the part of the school?

You may have a few remedies available, but you should not handle this situation on your own. It may be easier to reach a settlement with a private school, as they do not have the immunity which public schools enjoy. There is a definite distinction in the state of California between public and private schools. Private schools are only considered to have the special governmental immunity if they are receiving federal funding of any type.

One of the most common reasons to file a lawsuit against a school is for negligence. Many times, it may be best just to file a claim against the school’s insurance company for the damages received. After an injury one of the most common questions parents ask is “ Can I sue the school if my child gets hurt?” The answer may be yes and no. Getting the right advice is imperative in reaching a fair settlement. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney who has dealt with schools before. This is a very narrow are of the law, and you need an experienced hand to guide you through the complex maze that suing a school district becomes.

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