Getting into a car accident can be a terribly frightening and a scary event. Before too long after the accident, you will be needing to determine who was at fault. This can be complicated and somewhat hard, and more than likely it will require the services of an experienced car wreck lawyer. The Insurance agents and law enforcement each have their own way of reaching the determination of liability, and there are several steps that they follow to reach their conclusion.

Be sure that you understand just what liability means. Often, many drivers confuse the term liability with negligence, when in fact they are two entirely different things. A car accident lawyer can help you to understand that liability means that the person who is liable ( or responsible) and caused the accident to occur must now pay for the damages. Negligence, on the other hand, can be a driver’s careless actions. An example of this might be not taking reasonable actions to prevent the accident, i.e. running a stop sign.

Therefor, a person could be both liable and negligent in an accident and a car wreck lawyer is the one who can help to determine this and represent you if the case goes to court or in reaching a settlement out of court.

Car accident liability is determined by expert accident analysts who make the decision as to how much each driver was at fault or not. A percentage of responsibility may be shared by the two drivers involved. The driver determined to be the most at fault is usually the one who is liable for paying the damages. It sometimes happens that you may be going against your own insurance company to cover your losses. Each drivers’ own car insurance may cover just their own insured, if for example, the other driver had little or no insurance. This would be covered in your insurance policy in the underinsured or uninsured section of the policy. This can be hard to understand, and it’s just one reason why it’s best to hire a car accident attorney to help you to figure things out.

The bottom line is that it takes an expert in car accidents to determine liability and if you want to be sure that you are being treated fairly, it’s best to hire a car wreck lawyer to represent your case in court or in a settlement.

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