Unfortunately, the cold hard truth is that eventually you may find yourself involved in an Irvine auto accident. It is then that you you will need the advice of an experienced Irvine auto accident lawyer whose specialty is negotiating with insurance companies. While each case is unique, it may be well worth your time to do the research necessary to find the right Irvine auto lawyers to meet with you to examine your particular circumstance. You may not realize that you could be impacted by this car accident for years, or for the rest of your life.
In the case of a serious accident, long-term injuries could leave you hurting for years. Disabling physical injuries can affect you financially if you are not able to work . What about the high cost of medical bills? Are you fully insured? Will your health insurance cover these expenses, or your insurance company? What if the person who caused the accident is under or uninsured? Will you have to end up suing your own insurance company?

If you have suffered serious injuries or emotional trauma at the hands of someone who was negligent, do you know your rights under California law? What about the property loss you encountered – your car was totaled perhaps, and you lost personal property which was not recoverable from the vehicle. Maybe a laptop was destroyed, or your IPad was lost in the aftermath of the jaws of life needing to be used. Figuring out the worth of such items can be complex. That is why you need an experienced Irvine accident lawyer who can best represent your interests.

Your Irvine auto lawyers will determine what your injuries are, what treatment you received, and what if any treatment or rehab you may need in the future. The severity of your injuries, the loss of income and value of the personal property must all be taken into consideration. Figuring out your losses, discussing your case with the other side, and fighting for what is right is what your Irvine accident lawyer will do on your behalf.

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