Watch Out for a Quick Settlement: It Might Not Be in Your Best Interest

The very worst has happened- your loved one has tragically died in a car wreck. While you are numb from dealing with all of the issues such as funeral planning, the shock of the loss and trying to figure out your next step, finding the right wrongful death lawyer Irvine CA might not be easy. You will need the assistance of an experienced and caring car wreck lawyer Irvine CA whom you can trust and feel comfortable with. This may be a long process, and you need the right person at your side to guide you. Dealing with the insurance companies and all of the other areas of this situation can be stressful, emotional and confusing. You may have the feeling that you want it all over with as quickly as possible, but that may not be in your best interest.

Insurance companies and their adjustors want to reach a quick, low settlement. Their main concern is their bottom line; they are a business, afterall. You need to proceed with caution when dealing with a wrongful death accident case. Do not deal with the insurance company on your own. Watch out for the offer of a quick settlement as you may not fully comprehend the complete picture of your loss. You need a car wreck lawyer Irvine CA who understands the difficult situation you are in, and will be by your side for the duration.

Your car wreck lawyer Irvine CA will help you to understand the process and timeline of reaching a fair settlement on your behalf. Depending on the situation involved, you may need to have police reports, medical records and investigation reports as well. If someone else caused the accident, their insurance company will be involved. Perhaps there was a dangerous road condition which affected the incident. In that case, a city, county or the state may possibly be at fault. These cases can be very complex and involve numerous records and serious negotiations.

While nothing will ever replace your loved one, having the right legal team on your side will help with the very difficult process. Contact The Law of Jeffrey S. Dawson today at 949/861-2191 for a free consultation to discuss your case. Jeffrey Dawson is a uniquely qualified personal injury lawyer and is an experienced dog bite lawyer. He has worked on the other side, as well – for the insurance firms, and knows how they think. The advantage of hiring Jeffrey is that he can give you the much needed peace of mind necessary in any personal injury accident claim. Call today.

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