One of the first things to discuss with your Irvine accident lawsuit attorney is the expected or possible settlement amount. The hope is that you and your attorney will be able to reach a fair and reasonable payout for your Irvine personal injury claim. Your attorney will be working to get you the compensation you so rightly deserve.

There is a formula commonly used to calculate your possible settlement amount. The formula takes into consideration various factors such as listed below. The damages you have suffered will determine the actual settlement reached.

Settlements are based on the following damages:

Medical Damages
Ongoing or Future Medical Expenses
Loss of Earnings
Loss of Future Earnings
Property Damage
Pain and Suffering

Final settlements vary due to the individual situation. Your Irvine personal injury claim will be carefully reviewed by your attorney. Part of his or her job is to compile all of the records in your case: medical bills, proof of loss of income and lists of personal property lost. Also included will be Dr. reports and recommendations for any future medical care or rehabilitation. Your attorney will also take into consideration any future loss of wages due to ongoing medical appointments or the time required for rehab. Have you had to pay someone to do things that you would normally be able to do – such as mowing the lawn – but no longer are able to do? Those amounts would be included in your file.

In addition, your attorney may have you see a particular type of Dr. to assess your injuries and how they have affected your everyday life. Also, you may be directed to have testing done by other professionals such as psychologists, neurologists, eye Drs. and others. Experts such as these will be able to provide reports to your Irvine Accident lawsuit attorney. Once all of these reports are in, you and your attorney will be able to determine what you will settle for in your Irvine personal injury claim. Reaching a fair settlement is the goal. Receiving the full amount due you is the main job of your attorney. Be sure you choose the right one.

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