California has over 14 million registered cars and almost 800,000 motorcycles on the road. With those numbers, it’s not unexpected that accidents are bound to happen. If you have been hurt in an Irvine car accident or a motorcycle accident, it may benefit you to speak with a personal injury attorney about filing a lawsuit. An Irvine auto accident lawyer will explain all the options available to you.

Common Accident Causes

Car and motorcycle accidents can occur in many different ways, but some causes are more likely than others. Some of the most common causes of accidents include:


•Left Turn Collisions

•Driving Under The Influence

•Following Too Closely

•Failure To Yield The Right Of Way

•Driving While Distracted

•Aggressive Driving Or Road Rage

Proving Negligence

If you file a personal injury lawsuit to obtain compensation for your injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, you must be able to prove the other driver was negligent and caused the accident. Because this is not always easy, it is best to consult an injury lawyer for advice. A lawyer may be able to strengthen your case and prove negligence by:

•Speaking With Your Doctors

•Hiring Accident Investigators

•Obtaining Police Reports

•Recreating The Accident

What Can A Lawyer Do To Help You?

An injury attorney can help you by:

•Negotiating With The Insurance Company

•Filing Court Documents

•Representing You In Court

•Help You Access Proper Medical Care

Accident victims may be entitled to obtain compensation for certain types of damages. Your injury lawyer will calculate your expenses and lost wages and negotiate a settlement. Most injury cases are settled out of court, but it is a good idea to hire an injury attorney with trial experience.

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