Are you here because of a serious car wreck or motorcycle accident? Or perhaps you have been injured by some other motor vehicle,such as a big big. If this is your situation, a car wreck lawyer in Irvine is available to help you. You will need the advice of an experienced and competent personal injury attorney in deciding your best course of immediate action. We will help you in determining who is at fault, how to manage the probable medical issues, and help you in recovering from both your injuries and the damages you have experienced from being involved in a serious accident. .

Now, whether your accident was because of a DUI, a negligent driver or perhaps a texting driver, you will need a car wreck lawyer in Irvine to help you to complete all the legwork. Yes, there are many other reasons you should waste no time in hiring an attorney, but this is the first move of highest priority after seeking proper medical care.

The question first everyone’s mind is generally “Who caused the accident?” It will be part of your lawyer’s job to investigate and collect all the evidence and identify the person or parties who are liable.

While each case will be different because of various circumstances with all automobile accidents, there are some things which are important in any case. This is why it is so important to find the right attorney with whom you have confidence in and whose judgement and advice you can trust. No matter what the circumstances, if you have suffered injuries, property loss and lost of income from not being able to work, you need the guidance of a qualified lawyer.

Personal injury attorney in Irvine CA

A motor vehicle accident is far too common, unfortunately. Most car crashes do result in serious injuries, which can be ongoing. Even what you may think of a “simple whiplash” injury can be long lasting and keep you from your normal activities. Added to that, your physical injuries could involve significant medical costs, which should not be your responsibility. Your lawyer will help you to be granted a fair and equitable settlement. Call today for a free consultation with the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Dawson. Our team will get to work, fighting for what is best for you.