Vehicle accidents happen and at no fault of your own. Sure, you have insurance, so that will take care of everything, right? Maybe not…you are pretty sure that your insurance company will take care of the repair costs, but what about your medical expenses? Did you lose wages because you missed work due to the car accident? If the vehicle accident takes place because of the negligence or actions of another, through no fault of your own you might expect the settlement will be quick and easy. This might not be in your best interest.

While you can claim for the car accident personal injuries with the other party’s insurance company, going it alone may not be a good idea. The procedure for filing the claim is intentionally complicated. Insurance companies want to pay you the least amount possible. You may want a quick settlement, end up being overly anxious and not making the best car accident settlement.

A key fact to remember is that victims with car accident personal injuries are eligible to get compensation for their time lost from work due to the car accident. Your medical bills and any other expenses are also included in the total car accident settlement. You may not even know about future time off from work which will be necessary due to unforeseen and ongoing medical issues.

While it may seem the easiest thing to just take what the insurance adjuster offers, do the smart thing and consult with a personal injury attorney first. Your lawyer will be able to advise you on the best route to a good car accident settlement. Make sure your personal injury lawyer has experience in dealing with insurance companies. Your car accident settlement may depend on the professionalism and expertise of your Mission Viejo personal injury attorney.

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