A personal injury can occur as the result of negligence or strict liability from an individual or business. You can recover from an accident or incident involving someone’s direct failure to do something. Your injuries were a result of their carelessness and you should be compensated. Personal injury can happen to your body or mind. As a result of their intentional or unintentional conduct, you were injured and have the basis to file a personal injury claim. Many people are aware of personal injuries occurring from a car accident. An Irvine car accident attorney can fight for your legal rights.

Personal Injury FAQ’s

Personal injury can cause you damages that give you a legal right to recover damages. In fact, emotional distress is also a personal injury. Irvine car accident lawyers know how to fight the insurance company and recover your medical expenses. They have years of experience in fault laws and personal injury cases. If you’ve lost your job as a result of your injuries, they can help you collect your lost wages. They can also get your weekly or monthly benefits started from your short or long-term disability. If you’re successful with your tort claim, the one that caused your injuries will be responsible for compensating the other party.

A car accident attorney knows how to fight the insurance company and represent you in court. The insurance company may try to give you less than what you deserve. Their loyalty as the opposing insurance company lies with their provider and not in the best interest of the injured party. A settlement is a monetary agreement between the insurer or attorney and the aggrieved party. The settlement is reached for the injured party to drop the case. A settlement calculator may or may not be used to determine the amount of your settlement. A structured settlement is how the settlement amount is released to the claimant who won or settled a lawsuit. The defendant funds the settlement, either by a lump sum payment, or by releasing payments over time.

If the amount of money agreed to by settlement is small the wronged party may be presented with a lump sum settlement. It is common for larger sums to enter into a structured settlement annuity agreement, making payments over time.

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