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A Proven Process

If you are the victim of an automobile, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident, have a medical malpractice case, or have sustained injuries from a dog bite or slip and fall accident, the law practice of Jeffrey Dawson is here for you. Our proven process ensures that you get the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries.

It’s a fact that accident victims who try to handle their cases themselves usually end up getting just pennies on the dollar of what they should receive. Don’t risk being taken advantage of by the other party’s insurance company or lawyers. With over ten years of experience handling personal injury cases, the law practice of Jeffrey Dawson has the expertise to get you the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries. Let us handle everything for you – professionally, effectively and compassionately.

Our services include:

Free Consultation – Tell us all about your situation, and we’ll let you know if we believe you have a case – and if so, give you an estimate regarding how much your case is likely to be worth. This free consultation can be via telephone or email, at your home, by your bedside in the hospital or at our office.

Expert Assistance Obtaining Medical Care – Even if you don’t have medical insurance, we can get you the medical care you need, including specialists who will treat you now but get paid after your legal case is resolved. If you do have medical insurance we’ll handle things properly up front, to ensure that your insurance company doesn’t surprise you with a bill after your case is settled.

Experienced Help Getting Your Vehicle Repaired or Replaced – We’ll negotiate with your insurance adjuster, recommend pre-screened auto repair facilities (or work with your insurance company’s list of certified providers), and help you obtain a rental car.

Thorough Investigation – We take the time to do our homework for every case. Our professional investigators will go out to the scene of your injury to conduct a complete investigation. We’ll preserve evidence, document the scene, take any necessary witness statements, take a preliminary look at potential liability issues and see if the location appears to be in violation of any laws or codes.

Complete Documentation – We believe that it’s important to present your full story to the insurance company during our negotiations. To prepare for this, we’ll work with you to document your injuries. What happened? What have you gone through as a result? How have your injuries impacted your life? The documentation process includes photographing your scars and vehicle damage, and having you keep diaries of your experiences and medical treatment.

Skilled Negotiation – Because we focus exclusively on personal injury cases, we have the experience and knowledge to negotiate successfully for you. In fact, over 90% of our personal injury cases are settled through direct negotiation with the insurance company, without going to court.  We’ll work hard to get what you deserve based on everything you’ve been through and the impact that your injuries will have on the rest of your life. Your medical treatment, prognosis, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of earnings, disability and other factors will all be taken into account when we determine the fair compensation you should receive for your injuries.

Aggressive Litigation – Of course, if negotiation fails, our personal injury litigation team will aggressively litigate your case. Even so, a large percentage of our personal injury litigation cases actually settle before they go to trial.