Car Accidents

Traumatic car accidents can result in numerous serious injuries such as broken bones, paralysis, concussions, brain injury or internal injuries. Physical therapy or therapy for the emotional trauma may be necessary. In addition to pain and suffering, you may experience financial loss from medical bills and time away from work.

Steps To Take After A Car Accident

The first few actions taken after a car accident can positively or negatively affect the settlement entitlement. The case will be stronger if properly documented following the steps below.

  • File a police report telling your perspective of what happened
  • Get a complete medical exam, even if emergency care isn’t necessary
  • Take pictures and/or video of all the physical injuries (cuts, bruises, broken bones, etc) sustained
  • Take pictures of any damage to property
  • Record any witness information
  • Keep accurate records of lost time and wages
  • Keep accurate records of any expense you incur as a result of the injury (medical, automobile, etc.)
  • Do not directly contact the other party’s insurance company
  • Consult with a lawyer before speaking to an insurance claims adjustor

Handling Insurance After An Accident

It’s important to remember that insurance companies have teams of people who work to minimize the company’s financial payouts. Whatever the insurance company offers, if they offer to settle, it will generally be far less than the value of the case. The right auto accident attorney will help you determine how much the inquiry claim is truly worth and work to protect the victim’s interests.

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