Construction Site Accidents

Injuries can occur from many different situations in the building process, from the site being in an unsafe location to a poor design by the architect.

Common Construction-related Accidents

Victims of faulty building construction are entitled to proper representations and may be able to claim compensation for those responsible for the poor construction. The following list outlines common construction-related accidents:

  • Poor construction methods or materials
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Fires caused by faulty wiring
  • Poor drainage
  • Contaminated soil
  • Poor roof design
  • Lack of proper building standards
  • Missing warning signs

If an injury occurs through no fault of your own in a store, business or construction site where you were assumed safe, you may be entitled to a premises liability lawsuit.

What To Do After A Construction Site Accident

After experiencing a construction site injury, accident, or mishap, there are two courses of action that can be taken if injured during the course of employment:

1. Workers Compensation

Filing for workers’ compensation must be done with the appropriate state agency or board within a certain period of time, which varies by state. In order to claim benefits, the following are conditions that generally must exist:
– The injury was accidental
– It occurred on the job or in the course of employment

By accepting a worker’s compensation claim, the employee is no longer able to sue the employer for negligence for the injuries. However, if it is discovered later that the employer intentionally injured the employee, he or she may still sue the employer.

2. Personal Injury Lawsuit

The other course of action that the employee may take is to file a personal lawsuit against the employer. If you have been injured in a job-related accident, it is advisable that you get advice from a lawyer who has experience in personal injury cases as soon as possible after the incident.

Some steps that you can take to assist the lawyer with the case are:

  • Take pictures and/or video of all the injuries you sustained and the hazard that you slipped or tripped on
  • Record any witness information
  • Keep accurate records of lost time and wages
  • Keep accurate records of any expense you incur as a result of the injury (medical, chiropractic, etc.)

In all work-related injuries, it is recommended that you seek professional legal assistance to protect your interests. Jeffrey Dawson has experience handling cases involving injuries sustained on construction sides. He can help you navigate the laws and regulations to recover fair compensation for your construction-related injuries. Contact our law office today for more information.

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