While Fido is considered to be man’s best friend, dogs are after all animals, and undeniable that dog bites are a possibility. Knowing how to possibly avoid a dog bite injury can be extremely helpful in avoiding a devastating dog bite attack.

Here are 10 tips to know anytime you are around a dog:

  1. Always be aware of the dogs around you. More and more dogs are out in social situations these days, be familiar with your surroundings.
  2.  Keep a safe distance from a strange dog, even one who is on a leash. Many dog attacks come from a restrained dog whose owner can’t control them.
  3. Under no circumstances should you attempt to “stare down” a strange dog. This will be interpreted by the dog as aggressive behavior, and often will result in the dog challenging you for the head of the pack status.
  4. If you see an unleashed dog, avoid it. Simply crossing the street, reversing your direction, or turning down another route can often take attention away from you.
  5. Do not ever touch a strange dog, no matter how cute or small, without asking the owner for permission. Even if this is a friendly dog, never just reach out to pet a strange animal.
  6. Make sure that you never tease a dog. Actions such as reaching through a fence to pet a dog, or teasing with a bit of a treat can also be construed as aggressive.
  7. Most people with common sense know to never approach a snarling or growling dog. However, you should also know that you should never approach a dog who is eating, sleeping, or even nursing. They may feel they are being forced to be defensive.
  8. Children are most at risk of being the victim of a vicious dog attack. Teach your children early on to avoid certain behaviors around dogs to avert a possibly horrible attack. Teach your child to never run from a dog, or to scream loudly. A sleeping dog that is suddenly startled awake can become violent quickly.
  9. Never under any circumstances, leave a baby or young child alone with a dog. No matter what the size or breed, any dog is capable of causing severe injuries.
  10. Most dogs will be protective of their property. If you have entered an area where the dogs lives, you may be considered a threat to the dog and his family. Be aware.

Dog bite attacks can be horrible and traumatic. Learning how to avoid one can literally save a life. If you have been involved in a dog bite attack, contact the law offices of Jeffrey Dawson to discuss your potential dog bite lawsuit settlement.