Getting injured in an accident is a situation which has a massive amount of stress and the last thing you need is to have problems when you’re looking for an injury lawyer in Irvine. Here are the top five mistakes you must avoid when you’re looking for an injury lawyer in Irvine.

1. Don’t settle for less, get a lawyer specialized in personal injuries

Don’t think that just any lawyer will do for an accidental injury case. Accident injury law covers a wide area and to get the best possible help you need a specialist, an accident injury attorney Irvine. Make sure to find someone specialized in the type of accident injury you received. For example, if you were injured in a car accident, you should find a car wreck attorney Irvine.

2. Document the incident

To have as strong a case as possible, you need to document everything, from the injuries received to hospital expenses, and loss of wages. These details are the cornerstones that your injury attorney will build the case on.

3. Not knowing the legal definition of injury

Going off the last point, injury in law includes anything that causes harm to a person physically to actions that have resulted in emotional pain, or trauma. Things like hospital expenses or losing a job because of your physical injuries can make your case stronger, as does loss of ability to have the quality of life which you experienced before the accident.

4. Meet in person before you pick your lawyer

If you really want to find the right attorney for the job, you need to meet face to face. An in-person meeting can give you an idea of the attorney’s personality, temperament and general approach to cases. Plus, you can get an idea of how much attention your own case will receive. All of these are important factors for finding the best accident injury attorney Irvine for you.

5. Not going to the hospital

For example, say you get in a car accident, but since nothing appears to be immediately wrong, you don’t go to the hospital. It is best to go immediately to the Emergency Room and get any injuries on the record, so that your car wreck attorney Irvine can use them for the case. Some injuries, such as internal bleeding or a severe concussion do not show any symptoms initially.

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