A personal injury lawyer Irvine or an Irvine personal injury law firm helps people who have suffered from some type of an accident. Typical cases may involve a car or motorcycle injury accident, or a slip and fall on a city sidewalk or store parking lot. Brain injury cases, dog bite injuries and wrongful death cases are all examples of why a personal injury victim needs to have his or her own representative against the insurance companies involved.

The accident victim may have both physical and emotional injuries from someone else’s negligence or error. Finding the right personal injury attorney Irvine is imperative in reaching a fair settlement in your case. The right lawyer will have the experience necessary and be familiar with the sometimes complex and difficult insurance claim process.

You deserve a team who will work aggressively on your behalf, and represent you to the best of their ability. Your personal injury lawyer will have people who can investigate your case, gather pertinent evidence, witness statements, and medical records. In addition, your attorney will determine the proper amount to ask for in an insurance settlement claim, based on your injuries and losses such as lost wages and medical bills.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Dawson will provide you with a free consultation regarding your case. Most cases are taken on a contingency basis, meaning that you have no up-front costs- our fees are taken out of the negotiated settlement. You will clearly know up front the percentage of the settlement, and if we don’t reach a settlement, you don’t owe any money. This is just one of the reasons why we will fight so hard for you.