Maybe it wasn’t your fault. A truck came out of nowhere and slammed into your oh so very nice car. Or someone was racing their Maserati and rammed into the back of your car. Either way, you now have an insurance claim you need to file. The odds are, with any Newport car wreck the cost to repair your car is going to be above the average repair cost due to the price of the car involved in the Newport car wreck. Don’t be too quick to settle with the insurance company.

Even with insurance, a Newport Beach car accident can be messy. With such an excess of expensive cars on the streets and freeways, repairs and replacements can be extraordinarily costly. The cost of replacing a car involved in Newport car wrecks can be ten times more costly than the average car. Does your insurance cover the costs involved?

Or, perhaps you or your passenger may have some injuries with ongoing issues. Do you need some follow up care or even rehab? Do you have health insurance that will cover all of your medical expenses? You also need to take into consideration whether you have suffered the loss of any personal property in the accident. In addition, have you experienced pain and suffering from your injuries, or do you need future medical treatment?

Ongoing medical care can add up to thousands of dollars. In addition, some injuries such as whiplash, internal injuries and sprains are not immediately evident. Oftentimes these types of injuries may not present until after a few days or even weeks after the accident.

If you have been in such an accident, you will need the advice of an experienced Newport Beach car accident attorney to represent you against the insurance companies involved. It is the responsibility of a Newport car accident lawyer to negotiate on your behalf in order to receive the best settlement possible.