What Happens if You Are in an Accident With Uber or Lyft?

As ridesharing has become more popular in society, the inevitable is happening: as riders increase, so do accidents. Companies such as Lyft or Uber estimate that tens of thousands of riders are transported via ridesharing everyday across America. These accidents can involve very complex situations: dealing with the insurance of the person who was responsible for the accident, the rideshare company’s insurance, and even the insurance of the driver, not to mention perhaps your own insurance company!

Statistics show that in not quite 10 years, over 1,000 deaths have been attributed to ridesharing. While it is accepted that ride share companies serve a good purpose by keeping some drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel, it’s not a win win situation.

Are you equipped to deal with all of these insurance companies at once? More than likely not, but we are. Our firm has experience in dealing with these new types of situations. Uber and Lyft are relatively new to the scene – not quite a decade, and not many rideshare accident attorney firms are experienced with the issues which can arise in an Uber or Lyft accident. We have successfully represented clients who have been involved in this type of accident, and who have needed the services of a Lyft accident lawyer.

Does Uber Insurance Cover Accidents?

Both Uber and Lyft carry insurance which may cover up you up to $1 million. However, they won’t admit liability easily or quickly. If it is indisputable that they are liable they may want to settle very quickly, and for a very low amount. That may not be in your best interest. Do not reach a settlement with them on your own. This is where the experience and qualifications of Uber accident lawyers can be invaluable. They will make sure you are seeing the right Dr’s. and receiving the correct treatment and rehabilitation for your injuries. You have a right to collect for any damaged property which may have been in the vehicle, as well as receive payment for your lost wages due to missing work. You may also be entitled to receive a settlement for your pain & suffering, and have your medical bills taken care of as well.

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