When you lose a loved one, the experience is a sad, tragic event. The emotions of grief and feelings of being overwhelmed can be multiplied when it was unexpected; a trauma – or, if the death could have been prevented. In the law, particularly wrongful death law, one thing is clear: if the death was partially or completely preventable, it is considered a wrongful death.

Finding a trustworthy wrongful death lawyer in Irvine can feel like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Trusting a traumatic family experience to an attorney is a leap of faith, or may feel like a selfish act–it won’t bring back the person that was lost. However, if there is a definable defendant, and they acted in a negligent manner or was intentionally reckless, it is something your family should consider. California law provides a remedy: a wrongful death lawsuit from the deceased person’s family. They can be from careless actions, such as a traffic accident that leads to death, or a premeditated one, such as murder.

Examples of wrongful death could include:

Traffic accidents, including cars, motorcycle, trucks or bicycles
Defective products (use of which caused the death)
Work-related death
Slip and fall

Using a wrongful death lawyer in Irvine is fairly direct, since California law states that if someone has died due to another’s wrong act, the victim’s family is entitled to file a lawsuit to recoup death related expenses. Furthermore, the state also provides for the victim’s family to file for their own damages, particularly if they were financially or emotionally dependent on the victim. An example of this would be that a widow or widower and remaining children could receive damages based on what could have occurred in the future, such as future earnings, as well as for the loss of the “care, comfort and society” of the deceased.

If you have lost a loved one, and are unsure if the situation would be defined as a wrongful death, don’t delay. California generally has a statute of limitations of approximately two years (though specific situations could determine a different timeline.) Although a lawsuit will not erase the pain of the loss, it could help mitigate the burden.

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