Motorcycle Crash Injuries and What You Can Do

Motorcycle accidents have become a silent epidemic in Southern California. They have become so commonplace that they rarely make the news anymore. Yet, for the families and victims of motorcycle crashes, the results are often horrific. In 2016, motorcycle accidents accounted for 15.1% of all traffic deaths in the State of California That amounts to a total of 566 lives lost. Additionally, another 14,400 motorcyclists were injured. Often, those injuries are severe and life-altering.

The results of a motorcycle crash can be devastating, both financially and medically. The initial medical bills and damage to your motorcycle are only the beginning. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you could be looking at months away from work. Some injuries require years of rehabilitation, and the pain and suffering that result from such an injury can last a lifetime. Yet, even this pales in comparison to the pain that can be felt by those who’ve lost a loved one in a tragic motorcycle accident. The pain that comes with this type of loss leaves a hole that can never be filled and transcends the description of words.

Jeffrey Dawson, Motorcycle Crash Attorney Irvine

If your life has been so impacted by the negligence of another, then you deserve compensation. Insurance settlements after tragic accidents are rarely adequate to compensate you for what you’ve experienced. However, a skilled motorcycle crash attorney can help. Jeffrey Dawson is an experienced motorcycle attorney in Irvine. He has been representing victims from Orange County and elsewhere in Southern California for years, and he can help you get the compensation you are entitled to after a tragic accident. So, if you’re in need of a motorcycle attorney in Irvine, give Jeffrey Dawson a call right away.

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