Getting into an accident with a motorcycle can happen to anybody. While motorcycle drivers can be irresponsible, many car drivers are simply not paying attention, and create a hazard for motorcyclists and bikers. Another hazardous situation could be riding on a bike and getting hit by a car or motorcycle while crossing the street. Motorcycles often do not look out for other people on the road, particularly when they weave through traffic. If you’ve been involved in an accident you may need a motorcycle attorney in Irvine. There are several important things you need to do immediately after the accident.

If you are injured in an accident, seek emergency medical care immediately. Next, you need to take pictures of your injuries, as well as your damaged property, such as your car, bike or motorcycle. Be sure to record witness information, in particular. Collect all witness statements, names and addresses as well. Keep accurate records of lost time and wages. Keeping track of any expenses you have as a result of the accident is also something necessary. You need to be able to supply proof of the accident, your injuries and losses.

You must be aware that Insurance companies try to minimize accident payouts. California law states that a lawsuit must be filed within two years after the original injury. Do not run the risk of having the statute of limitations run out. You need to consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Irvine as soon as possible after the incident. Things can get complicated if you or the other party is underinsured, and only carry the state minimum coverage which starts at $15,000/$30,000 of liability coverage. Car accidents where the driver of the other car does not have insurance invoke the uninsured driver type of coverage. You may end up having to go against your own insurance policy. This can involve complex legal negotiations. This is why you want an experienced and qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in Irvine.

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